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SCHOOL NAME Advance Academy of Japanese language school
ADDRESS 2-68-1, Toyomae-cho, Higashi-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi
TEL +81-52-932-7303
FAX +81-52-932-7305
OTHER Skype: Academy Advance
微信: 104495081
CONTENTS Management of schools for Japanese language education for foreign students


Advance Academy of Japanese Language has graduated qualified students who can contribute to the international community since established in 1990. A lot of institutions in central area of Japan trust us, then we have close cooperation. We provide students diversity of choices to prepare them for further education or employment. And we believe that the completed education guiding system and the new campus with the highest quality teaching, learing and research facilities will make sure students enjoy happy time, learning and living here.


Advance Academy has 4 main components about Education.

  • Education of Japanese Language

    • Japanese Language Seminars to help students prepare for a variety of examinations, such as the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (called JLPT for short), the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (called EJU for short) and entrance examinations of each university, etc.
    • Japanese Language Courses to help students fast to acquire the four basic skills of “Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing” and then to futher develop their specific skills. The aim of those sourses is to help students master Japanese in living, cultural and social factors.
  • Campus Life

    Through classes and extracurricular activities, the school offers various opportunities to learn Japanese local life and culture. By 1 day trip, visiting to Disaster and Prevention Centre and experience of Tea Ceremony.

  • Scholarships and Encouragement system

    Advance Academy hopes to be able to assist each individual student in leading a richer and more productive life on campus and daily life. Please feel free to consult us about any matter at all. Ex.: Airport pickup service, Arrangement accommodations, daily life and hospital accompanying, Problems of studying Japanese language, concerning to after graduation.

  • Scholarships and Encouragement system

    Scholarships:JASSO (Japan Student Services Organization) Scholarship

    Encouragement system: We award a prize in view of student’s attendance.


Class Adviser System (study)

A class adviser is appointed for each class. Students can turn to these advisers for guidance and advice on a diverse range of subjects related to courses, their own studies, personal economic issues such as obtaining scholarships, and the assorted problems that crop up in student life.









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  • From Nepal

    Advance language school is in the city, so it is easy for us to find jobs and enjoy a city life. We are studying here untroubled and happy. Not only learning at class but also communicating with other overseas students.

  • From Viet Nam

    When I first came to Japan, I was upset, However, the teachers welcome and help me warmly. So, I could focus on study and got scholarship. My classmates and me are all struggling for ideal university now.

  • From South Korea

    Advance language school is in Nagoya, where has convenient transport, delicious food and easy life. There are a lot of libraries and international centers service for foreigners. Even if the students without family in Nagoya could have safe and comfortable learning environment.

campus life


Nagoya is the third biggest city following Tokyo or Osaka in Japan. The main industries around Nagoya are leading-edge technologies, such as a car, an industrial machine, electronics, and aerospace industry. In addition, industries such as a seasoning and traditional craft are also prosperous.

There are many world-famous companies and educational facilities such as a university. In short, Nagoya is a center of the politics, economy, and culture of Chubu District. It is located between Tokyo and Osaka, and also a means of transportation is developed. This is an area which feels the four seasons of Japan and prices are comparatively low. You can be easy to make a living. Nagoya which can be studied in such a good environment is a suitable place in Japanese studying abroad.